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Winter Session Housing General Information

Find out everything you need to know from what kind of bedding to bring to how you are going to do your laundry while you are living on campus from September to April.


What to Bring
Community Living - Visit ResLife for more information
Services & General Information

What to Bring


All bedrooms in the dormitories and cluster units have twin extra long beds with a mattress size of 78"x 39"x 8". Housing provides a mattress cover for each bed. Students need to bring their own linen: sheets (extra long), blankets, and a pillow.

All bedrooms come with a desk, chair, reading lamp, and a closet/armoire with drawers.

For virtual tours of the bedrooms see http://housing.uvic.ca/buildings/index.php.

Whether you are living in a dormitory room or cluster unit, all students will want to bring:

  • linens to fit twin extra long bed: 78”x39”x8” and pillows
  • towels, face cloth, toiletries
    (toothpaste, toothbrush, shampoo, soap etc.)
  • robe and shower shoes
    (flip flops or sandals to wear in the shower)
  • hangers for your clothes
  • first aid kit
  • earthquake kit
  • laundry bag / basket
  • laundry detergent

Suggested / useful items

    • computer with a power bar / surge protector
    • iron
    • one suit or formal dress - there is a holiday formal at the end of the First Term
    • cell phone
    • earplugs
    • clothing appropriate for mild and wet weather

What Not to Bring

There's not a whole lot of space in your room, so pack smart! For the safety of all students living on campus, keep in mind that the following items are not allowed anywhere in residence:

    • candles
    • large stereos
    • water filled items (beds, aquariums, etc)
    • pets
    • halogen lamps
    • illegal drugs
    • any sort of weapon or replica (including BB and paint ball guns)
    • camp fuel or other combustibles


Common Lounges in Dormitories

In the common lounges of the dormitories residents are permitted to have one of each of the following small appliances:

              • kettle
              • toaster
              • microwave
              • coffee makers. 

All appliances must be CSA approved, in good working condition and have automatic safety shut off capabilities (i.e. if it over heats it shuts off).

Bedrooms in Dormitories

CSA approved kettles with automatic shut-offs and small fridges (3 cubic ft.) are the only appliances allowed in dormitory bedrooms. The fridge size is limited to 3.0 cu.ft. (bar size or counter top) because we have found that when a number of appliances are in use in adjoining rooms e.g. computer, printer, hair dryer and fridge, the fuse in the circuit blows.


While small pieces of furniture (i.e., bookshelf, end table and televisions) will typically be authorized, pieces larger than 3' x 3' x 3' (i.e.: sofa, love seat, bean bag chair, extra bed, bureau, refrigerator, et cetera) are prohibited.

If you have been assigned a bedroom in Cluster you will also need to arrange for:

    • pots and pans
    • dishes
    • cutlery
    • toaster
    • microwave
    • coffee maker / tea pot / kettle
    • television and/or cable (optional)

All appliances brought into a Cluster unit must be CSA approved, in good working condition and have automatic safety shut off capabilities (i.e. if it overheats it shuts off).

Community Living

The Community Standards (pdf) document provides students with information about their rights and responsibilities as a member of this community.

It is essential that all students read and understand this document prior to moving in as it includes not only all of the rules regarding noise, alcohol and other issues, but the process that our staff follow when a violation of the rules occurs.

Prior to accepting a room offer, students should consider whether these standards are ones that they can abide by.

Services & General Info

In the event you cannot locate what you are looking for, please feel free to contact us.


There is no bank on campus; however, several banks are within walking distance.

In the residence area, there is a ScotiaBank Automatic Bank Machine (ABM) located on the ground floor in the Cadboro Commons Building.

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Bed Bug Policy

The staff of Residence Services is committed to an effective and efficient response to students who suspect they may have bed bugs. For the safety and comfort of all students living in the residence halls, our staff will adhere to the following guidelines.

Bike Lockers

Unless cycling is your major sport, we do not recommend that you bring an expensive bike to campus ($800 up). Bikes are not permitted in Dormitories or Cluster apartments or townhouses (this includes your bedroom).

On campus there are many outdoor bike racks, most of which are located under a building overhang or walkway.

There are two types of bicycle storage facilities - group secure and individual secure.

Group bike lockers have space for about 15 bicycles and rent for $60.00 for Winter Session. The area is enclosed and accessed by a locked gate. All users of the area have the same key and you rely on each other to maintain security. These lockers are not available May-August.

Individual bike lockers are completely enclosed, cannot be seen in and have a high quality locking system and rent for $80.00 for Winter Session.

Both rentals require a $25.00 key deposit which is refunded upon return of the key/tag.

There is no prorating of fees for locker rentals.

Students must be living in residence to rent a bike locker. Your bike must be removed by your scheduled departure date.

Before you arrive on campus contact UVic Housing to pre-register for a bike locker.




Refer to the Residence Contract, Schedule A, 3.8 for details.

  • Dormitories - In specified areas throughout the dormitories there are vacuums and cleaning materials available for students to use and each resident is responsible for cleaning his/her own private living area (bedroom). Common areas are considered the joint responsibility of all residents occupying that living space. Hallways and washrooms in the dormitories are cleaned by University cleaning staff.
  • Cluster - The University provides vacuum cleaners and basic cleaning supplies (i.e. brooms, mop) for students to clean their room and the unit. As with living in an apartment or rental suite, it is the responsibility of all 4 roommates to ensure a unit is clean and livable during their stay. When students depart they should ensure the unit is clean and ready to be occupied by other students coming to live on campus.


Refer to the Residence Contract, Schedule A, 6.3 for details.

The University carries insurance for its own benefit.  The University does not provide you with general insurance, liability insurance or property insurance for your personal belongings. It is recommended that you arrange for your person and all your personal effects in Residence Complex rooms, units, apartments, storage rooms, and all other Residence Complex property including in all Residence Complex buildings be covered by private insurance. The University strongly advises you to obtain a residential insurance policy that covers:

      • loss of personal property; and
      • liability for personal injury and property damage.

Insurance may be available as an extension of your family’s home insurance policy, or you can obtain your own insurance package.   Consult with your insurance agent to ensure appropriate coverage and that you understand your coverage.


Refer to the Residence Contract, Schedule A, 2.6 for details.

Internet (ResNet) service is provided as part of the residence contract. ResNet is intended to provide access to:

  • UVic I.T. services
  • Canadian and international research networks
  • A pathway to the commercial Internet


To access ResNet you will require a NetLink ID and have to agree to the "Terms of Service" which can be found on the University Systems webpage http://www.uvic.ca/systems/services/internettelephone/index.php.

For additional information on how to connect to the UVic Residence Internet you can visit the University Systems help centre webpage http://www.uvic.ca/systems/services/internettelephone/index.php.

For wireless internet access students also require a wireless laptop or PDA and a web browser - for additional information visit University Systems service catalogue..

To access ResNet in your bedroom, you will need to bring your own computer which must be equipped with a 10BaseT Ethernet card (can be purchased at the UVic Computer Store). You will also need an ethernet cable which can also be purchased at the computer store.


For lockout information click here.

When you move into Residence you will be issued your own set of keys.

Dormitory students:
        • 1 exterior building key
        • 1 bedroom key
        • 1 mailbox key

Cluster students:

"A" bedroom

        • 1 exterior building key
        • 1 bedroom key
        • 1 storage key
        • 1 mail key (shared with B,C,D rooms)
        • 1 laundry room key (shared with B,C,D rooms)

"B, C, D" bedroom

        • 1 exterior building key
        • 1 bedroom key
        • 1 storage key

All residents living on the 2nd and 3rd floors in cluster apartment style bedrooms will receive an additional stairwell key.

Lost Keys

Lost keys must be reported to the Residence Services Office immediately.

For safety and security reasons if a set of keys is lost a lock change is required and you are responsible for the lock change fees which are currently :

        • Dormitory bedroom $55.00
        • Cluster Unit $210.00
        • Dormitory Apartment $55.00
        • Dormitory Exterior Building Key $55.00
        • Laundry key $10.00
        • Mail key $10.00

Temporary Borrowing of Keys

If you leave your keys out of the area (i.e. forget them when visiting family) please visit the Residence Services Main Office and staff will temporarily sign out a set of keys while your keys are in transit.  This will be recorded by staff as one instance of a lock-out and if the temporary set is not returned within the specified timeframe, a lock change will occur and all associated costs placed on your account (see charges listed above).

Keys at Move Out

When you move out of residence, you are responsible for returning your keys to the Residence Services main office.  Failure to return your keys at time of check out will result in a lock change and all associated costs being placed on your account. See above for current prices. 


Students are responsible to wash the mattress covers provided by Residence Services.

Washers and dryers are available on the first floor or basement of most dormitories. Students living in Gordon Head use the laundry rooms in Wallace or Poole. Students living in Cluster use the laundry rooms adjacent to the 54 and 58 blocks.

To use the laundry facilities on campus students will need to purchase a Smart Card. Smart Cards can be purchased at dispensing/re-load machines located in the Residence Services Office and outside of Caps Bistro in the Cadboro Commons Building. Additional re-load machines are located in each Cluster Laundry area and in the Ring Road Residence.

Initial cost of the Smart Card is $5.00 (cash only). Cards can be loaded in increment of $10-$20 or $50, you can use Cash (no change given, exact amount required), Debit, Visa or MasterCard. The cards have no expiry date and balances are non-refundable. Lost cards cannot be replaced.

Cost is $1.90 for each wash or dry cycle and you can purchase super wash or extra drying time in $0.25 increments (subject to change without notice).





Lock Outs

If you are locked out of your room, go the Residence Services Main Office (in Craigdarroch Office Building) and request a lock-out key during the hours noted below.

Residence Services staff will check your photo ID and record your request before signing out a key for you. This ensures that the lock-out key is only issued to a resident who can prove he/she is an occupant of the locked room.

>>You cannot authorize or send someone else
to sign out a key for you.<<

You have 30 minutes to unlock your room, pick up your keys and return the lock-out key to the Main Office.

All lock-out charges will be placed on your residence account. Between September and April you are allowed (3) THREE free lock-outs. All additional lock-outs will be charged $20 per lock-out on your account.



What to do


Monday to Friday


6 am to
10  pm

Go to Residence Services Main Office.

(250) 721-8395


10 pm to
6 am

Go to Residence Services Main Office. Ring Buzzer for entry.

(250) 721-8395

Saturday, Sunday, and Holidays

6 am to
10 am

Office Closed. Call Campus Security for Assistance.*

(250) 721-6683


10 am to
10 pm

Go to Residence Services Main Office

(250) 721-8395


10 pm to
6 am

Go to Residence Services Main Office. Ring Buzzer for entry.

(250) 721-8395

*Campus Security will only respond to lock-outs during the times indicated. Call (250) 721-6683.

Late Lock Out Key Return
Return the borrowed lock out key within the 30 minute timeframe!  Late returns for borrowed lock out keys are subject to additional charges, (minimum of $25) and if the key(s) is not returned within 24 hours from which it was borrowed, a lock change will occur and all associated costs placed on your student account.

Lost & Found

Lost Keys

Click here for information about lost keys.

Lost Meal Card

If you lose your meal card report it immediately. Reporting your card as lost or stolen is easy. Simply visit www.uvic.ca/onecard and follow the link to deactivate your card to protect your funds.

Visit the University Food Services web page for more information about Residence Dining and meal plans.

Other Lost Items

First check with the department office where you think you might have lost the item.
General "Lost & Found" locations are the Residence Services Office and Campus Security. In most cases items are forwarded to Campus Security after being held for a few days in the "finding department".

Mail and Parcels

Students living on campus receive a mail box which is labeled the same as your room. All correspondence mailed to you must include this information i.e. your building and room/unit number.


Regular Mail
Student's Name
Building + Room #
UVic Student Residences
PO Box 2100 STN CSC
Victoria BC
V8W 3A4

Courier Mail
Student's Name
Student's Phone Number
Building + Room #
UVic Residence Office
Parking Lot#5, Off Sinclair Rd
Victoria BC
V8P 5C2

Mail deliveries usually start the first Monday after classes start (see Important Dates). When you leave the campus, update your forwarding address information with the University through MyPage. Security deposits will be sent to this address.


Use the regular mail address (see above). Letters are first delivered to University of Victoria Mail Services and are then forwarded to the Residence Services Office. Once letters are received at the Residence Services Office they are then put into your mailbox.

Parcels and Large Packages*

Use the regular mail address (see above). Parcels, large packages, priority mail and registered mail are sent to University of Victoria Mail Services before being forwarded to the Residence Services Office. Once we receive the parcel, an email is sent to let you know that a special delivery has arrived.

Boxes and Trunks*

Boxes, trunks, etc. should be addressed to the courier mailing address (see above). There is no storage space in the office area and shipping companies will not deliver to residence rooms so it is important that you arrive on campus before your shipment so that you are here to receive it! During the academic year, if we receive a courier during office hours, an email will be sent to let you know that a special delivery has arrived.

*Students picking up parcels and/or courier packages:

    • can do so during office hours;
    • are required to sign for the package;
    • need to present photo ID.




Items needing repair should be reported to the Residence Services Office as soon as possible. A 24-hour repair reporting line is available at 250-721-8650 or send an email.

Please Note:  these services are managed during regular office hours (Mon-Fri 8:30am-4:30pm). After hours and weekends, requests will be processed on the next business day.

If it is an emergency, please contact Campus Security 250-721-7599 or Residence Services Front Desk 250-721-8395.

Storage Lockers

There are a limited amount of storage lockers available to rent for student living in dormitories and apartment on a first-come, first served basis.  Note:  Cluster students share a common storage room for their unit at no charge.

Students in dormitories and apartments can request to rent a storage locker for one or two semesters from the Residence Services main office the Monday following the first day of classes.  Please note that storage lockers are not available before this date. Please check with Residence Services front desk for availability.

The following materials are not to be kept in lockers:  perishable foods; flammable, chemical, caustic, poisonous or any other hazardous materials; unsealed containers of liquids; any illegal objects or substances.

Storage lockers are available in two convenient sizes, large (approximately, 4 x 4 x 7) ideal for storing large luggage or other items, and small (approximately, 4 x 4 x 4), perfect for keeping sports equipment or other items outside of your residence room. 

A deposit of $25.00 is required, in addition to the semester rental charge, and a combination lock is supplied to the student.  Students are not allowed to use their own lock, and doing so will result in removal of the lock and contents of the locker.

All lockers must be emptied the same day you vacate your residence room.  Failure to do so may result in the loss of your belongings.

Storage Locker Rental Rates for 2013-2014
(Combination lock is supplied by Residence Services)



*Only available for Registered Summer Students in Residences.






Although some students bring their cars from home, most students living on campus do not. The most popular means of transportation for residence students is walking. You will be able to walk to all of your classes and any university service you wish. Most students will use those same two feet to pedal their bikes for longer travel or just exercise. The weather in Victoria is mild and students can ride bikes year round.


There are a limited number of residence parking permits available each year. Parking Permits can be purchased from Campus Security. Please see Campus Security for more information.

Bus Service

BC Transit provides excellent transit service to the University and capital region. Your ONECard is your bus pass. It is part of your Student Society fees, so take advantage of this service. For route and schedule information, please see the BC Transit website.

Telephone Service

Phone lines are available in each students bedroom in residence and there are several providers, including Telus, Shaw and Vonage in the Victoria area.

Many students choose to use a cell phone only and should note that the cellular reception within the dormitories can be limited. Victoria area cellphone providers include Telus, Bell, Rogers Mobility, Fido, Koodo, etc.


  • Dormitories - televisions with cable service are available in the common area on each floor of the dormitories. Cable hookups are available in the bedrooms, however individuals need to arrange and pay for cable service in addition to providing their own television.
  • Cluster - students need to provide their own television and arrange for service. Cable television hookups are available in the living room and in each bedroom. Service can be arranged through Shaw Cable. Visit http://www.shaw.ca/ or call 1-888-472-2222.

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