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Winter Session Rates

The following rates are for Dormitory or Cluster accommodation during the academic year (September to April).

General Information

All rates are quoted in Canadian funds, include applicable taxes, heat, hot water, electricity and ResNet (in room internet).

Wherever it states Term 1 it means September to December and Term 2 is January to April. The Winter Session Academic Year is September to April.

Scholarship, bursary or loan recipients

Students paying fees from a scholarship, bursary or loan, must pay the $750 acceptance fee as per outlined in the room offer and may request a payment deadline extension for the remainder of the fees by sending an email to ressacct@uvic.ca. If the extension is granted, the balance of residence fees must be received in our office no later than September 30 for Term 1 and January 31 for Term 2.

NEW UVic Residence Bursary

Residence Services has created a new bursary for students who demonstrate financial need and who live in residence (excluding Family Housing). Each bursary is valued at up to $1000, and students who have an eight month contract with Residence Services (September to April) are eligible to apply. Students can apply for the bursary by completing the on-line winter session bursary application. Details regarding the bursary program, eligibility criteria and the application process can be found at: http://www.uvic.ca/registrar/safa/bursaries/index.php
Please contact Student Awards and Financial Aid at finaid@uvic.ca if you have any questions.

Additional information

For more information about fees, refunds and conditions of stay see the Residence Contract.

Please note the University of Victoria safety standard procedure regarding the processing of credit cards: The University does not accept (solicit, receive) credit card information through e-mail.

Payment of Application Fees

During the application process for Winter Session and Family Housing the student will be required to pay an application fee and an acceptance fee by credit card. This payment is integrated in the application and will be processed online.

No other fees are accepted by credit card. All other fees after the acceptance deposit must be paid as below. This includes term fees and acceptance fees for future terms where no application is required, such as spring semester.

Payment of Residence Fees

Residence fees can be paid in person at the Residence Office or at your bank, by telephone banking or online banking or by mailing a cheque. Residence and tuition accounts are paid separately. Be sure to specify the appropriate office when making your online payment.

    • In Person

    At your bank - go to your bank and advise them that you want to pay a bill for either the “University of Victoria - Housing Fees" or "University if Victoria (UVic)- Residence Fees”. Use your 9 digit UVic Student ID (V00######) as the account number.

    Payments by cash, debit, and cheque can be made during office hours at the front desk of the Craigdarroch Residence Services Office.

    • Online Banking

    Go to your banks  (i.e. ScotiaBank, TD, Royal Bank, etc)  website and set up “University of Victoria - Housing Fees" or "University of Victoria - Residence Fees” as a bill payment company. Use your 9 digit UVic Student ID (V00######)  as the account number.

    • Telephone Banking

    Call your banks (i.e. ScotiaBank, TD, Royal Bank, etc) toll free number and talk to a representative or follow the step by step instructions to set up bill payments. Choose the “University of Victoria - Housing Fees" or "University if Victoria - Residence Fees” as the bill payment company and use your 9 digit UVic Student ID (V00######)  as the account number.

    • Cheque

    To avoid having your application or room assignment cancelled we recommend that you send any cheques via priority post or a courier to ensure it reaches our office before your deadline and can be traced.

    All cheques should be made payable to "University of Victoria Residence". Print your UVic Student ID number on the memo line. Click here for Courier or Mail Address.


International Students (Not Currently Living in Canada)
Fees can be paid by:

    • Western Union GlobalPay for Students

    Starting May 1st, UVic has partnered with Western Union Business Solutions to provide international students with a fast and affordable way to make payments from outside of Canada. The Western Union GlobalPay for Students service allows you to arrange payments in your own currency and since exchange rates are secured in advance and funds are transferred locally, you don’t have to worry about currency fluctuations or international wire fees. See the attached pdf document for more information and step-by-step instructions on how to make your payment using this service.

    Western Union GlobalPay for Students

    • Bank Wire

    Please send bank wire to:

      Royal Bank of Canada
      1079 Douglas Street
      Victoria, BC V8W 2C5
      Transit #08000
      Institution 003
      Account #000-009-1
      UVic Student ID V00x x x x x x
      *IBAN (UVIC does not have an IBAN number)

      IMPORTANT: Residence and tuition accounts are paid separately. Be sure to specify the appropriate office when making your online deposit. Please write the student's name and UVic Student ID on the bank wire.


    Residence and Meal Plan Rates 2015-16

    Rates based on eight-month occupancy, September - April

        Accommodation Type Room Charge Standard Meal Plan* TOTAL FEES  
        Single Room $4,746 $4,291 $9,037  
        Double Room $3,631 $4,291 $7,922  
        Bachelor Apartment $5,525 -- $5,525  
      One Bedroom Apartment $6,899 -- $6,899  
      Cluster Room $5,502 -- $5,502  
      *All students living in dormitory residence are placed on a Standard meal plan, but can transfer to a Full or Light plan by visiting Food Services office no later than September 20 or January 20 of each term.  
      Please visit Food Services' website for more information  

    Residence Rate Schedule 2015-16

    Accommodation Type
      Term 1 Fees
    September - December 2015
      Term 2 Fees
    January - April 2016
      Term 3 Fees
    May - August 2016
        Rom Offer Acceptance Payment Balance Total Fess
    (not including Security Deposit)
      Deposit Balance Total Fess
    (not including Security Deposit)
      Graduate and Pathway Students ONLY *  
        Security Deposit Acceptance Fee Total     Deposit Balance Total Fess
    (not including Security Deposit)
          Due as indicated in Room Offer Due Aug 1   Due Oct 1 Due Nov 15   Due Feb 1 Due March 1  
      Dormitory Bedrooms                              
      Single Room
    (Standard Meal Plan)
      $250.00 $500.00 $750.00 $4,018.50 $4,518.50   $500.00 $4,018.50 $4,518.50   $500.00 $4,018.50 $4,518.50  
      Twin Room
    (Standard Meal Plan)
      $250.00 $500.00 $750.00 $3,460.85 $3,960.85   $500.00 $3,460.85 $3,960.85   $500.00 $3,460.85 $3,960.85  
      Dormitory Apartments                              
      Bachelor Apartment
    No Meal Plan
      $250.00 $500.00 $750.00 $2,262.29 $2,762.29   $500.00 $2,262.29 $2,762.29   $500.00 $2,262.29 $2,762.29  
      One Bedroom Apartment
    No Meal Plan
      $250.00 $500.00 $750.00 $2,949.33 $3,449.33   $500.00 $2,949.33 $3,449.33   $500.00 $2,949.33 $3,449.33  
      Cluster Units                              
      Cluster Room
    No Meal Plan
      $250.00 $500.00 $750.00 $2,250.99 $2,750.99   $500.00 $2,250.99 $2,750.99   $500.00 $2,250.99 $2,750.99  
                              *Other students must apply for Summer Housing  


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