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Moving To and From Winter Housing

For the current years dates visit the Important Dates calendar.

Additional information about Internet, Mail Service, etc. can be found in the Handbook.

Moving In

Moving Out

Room Transfers


Moving In

General Information

Term 1 (September - December)

Classes usually begin on the first Wednesday after Labour Day and the first day to move into residence is the Sunday immediately before Labour Day.

Term 2 (January- April)

Classes typically begin two days after New Years Day. Students can move into residence the day before classes begin. Check in begins at 9:00am.

Before you arrive

2-3 weeks before

  • Reserve a bike or storage locker.
    • Reserve your locker now by filling out the Bike and Storage Locker Rental Agreement Form and emailing it to reslockers@uvic.ca
    • Reservations will only be accepted up to Wednesday, Sept 2 at 4 pm.
    • Rentals will re-open at 3 pm on Move-in Day, Sunday, September 6.
    • Reservations must be claimed by Thursday, Sept 10 at 4 pm or they will be forfeited. Claim your reservation by paying in-person in the Residence Services Main Office.
  • If you are a new student, register for an orientation program.
  • Check out the handbook to help you determine what you should/need to pack, information on internet access, your mailing address, etc.
  • Update your emergency contact information with UVic Emergency Alerts - this is so the University can contact you and provide information if there is a campus-wide emergency. You can receive emergency messages on your phone if you register your mobile phone number when you sign into UVIc with your Netlink ID and password. Visit www.uvic.ca/services/emergency/home/procedures/alerts for instructions.

Arriving Early

Term 1 (September - December)

Early arrivals will only be permitted for students registered in a University related program or event which begins prior to Move-in day. Please review the Early Arrival Information Guide for details and application information.

Term 2 (January-April )

Due to the University closure each year, we are unable to accommodate early housing arrivals in January. Please be sure to book flights accordingly or arrange alternate off campus accommodation if you are arriving in Victoria before the Move-In date.

Arriving Late

Residents after Move In Day must notify Residence Services of the late arrival in writing prior to these dates. If a resident does not notify Residence Services the Residence Contract may be terminated on the day following the final arrival date and the resident’s room may be assigned to another person. Accommodation not occupied within 10 days of your Move-In Date will be cancelled and reassigned without further notice. Charges will be applied as per the Termination policy, Schedule A section 5.5 of the Residence Contract.

Day of Arrival

Depending on the residence you are moving into you will be sent a parking pass for either parking Lot #1 off Ring Road or Lot #5 off Sinclair Road (see parking map.)

Leave your bags in the car and come to the Residence Office to get your keys and meal card. You will be given directions as to the best location for you to unload your items.

Photo Identification is required to pick up your keys.

Please address any moving related questions to our Residence Life and Education Office.

Checked in

After you have checked into your room you may have a few days before classes start to adjust to your new surroundings. In addition to getting acquainted with the area, getting your books, etc. you will also need to

    • attend your first floor meeting
    • complete the online Room Inventory Report
    • if you are a U.S. or International student then you should set up a Canadian bank account.


Moving Out

General Information

End of Term 1 (December)

All students are required to vacate their room the day after their last exam in December.

End of Term 2 (April)

All students are required to vacate their room the day after their last exam in April.

Check-out Process

When you are ready to leave residence you will want to:

    • Empty your mail box. There will be a check-out package inside with cleaning instructions, a change of address form, and a pre-printed key envelope.
    • Empty your storage and bike locker.
    • Cancel your phone and cable services.
    • Ensure your residence account is paid in full with the residence office. (Residence charges are not reflected on your "My Page" account.)
    • Return the completed change of address form from your check-out package. (Please note that any changes made to your ”My Page” are not linked to your Residence Services account.)
    • Clean your bedroom, turn off the heat and lock your door.
    • Clean any common areas.
      • Apartment units: all 4 students are responsible for cleaning the living room, bathrooms and kitchen including appliances.
    • Keys must be returned to the Residence Office using the pre-printed envelope provided.
      • Students who do not return keys will be charged a lock change fee.
      • Keys need to be in clean condition without stickers, marks, or other decoration.

You can recycle or donate many items, including cardboard, glass/plastic/tin, old furniture, electronics and even clothing! New recycling areas, clothing drop boxes and overflow bins will make it easier than ever to recycle and “free-cycle” before you leave campus. Click here to see a map of locations (pdf).

Refer to the Check-out Procedures check-list for further details.


For information on storage visit the Winter Session Handbook.

Late Departures

In extenuating circumstances we may be able to accommodate students past the designated move out date. Please contact resadmin@uvic.ca for more information.

Withdrawal / Cancellation Policy

Click here to see the terms outlined in the Single Student Agreement.

Withdrawal Form (PDF) Please use Internet Explorer.

Charges and Refunds

Residence Account

*Residence charges do not show in your "My Page" account. You can check the balance of your residence account in the Housing Portal. 

Check your Residence Account

    • Begin on the portal Home Page.
    • Select “View my Housing Account” from the blue menu bar at the top of the page.
    • On the Account Summary, you can view the balance of each account group.
    • Select the group that you would like to view and select “View Details” to continue.
    • On the Account Detail page you will see all the payments and charges for the account group you selected.  (Payments may take up to two business days to be reflected and term charges will be posted by mid-September and mid-January)

    Additional Charges

    When a student departs from residence any outstanding charges (i.e. lock changes) may be transferred to their University of Victoria account. Students that have their residence account balance transferred to the University will not be able to register for future classes, receive transcripts and/or may have the account go to collection.


    Refunds will be processed and mailed to students within 90 days of departure.

    Room Transfers

    General Information

    Room transfer requests will only be considered starting October 1st to students who have paid their fees in full.

    In order to be considered for a room transfer, residents must follow the process outlined below.

    Room Transfer Process

    1. Submit the Online Room Transfer Request indicating your reason(s) for requesting the transfer and any other relevant information. Please note your account will be charged a non-refundable $15 application fee. If you have difficulty submitting the form online, you may email it to resadmin@uvic.ca.
    2. You may be required to meet with a ResLife staff member to review your request. You will be contacted by email to schedule this meeting if required.
    3. You will be informed by email whether or not your request has been approved and, if approved, a room transfer offer will be sent to you when a room is available.
    4. In order to accept a room transfer offer, a $50 transfer fee must be paid.
    5. You are required to pay the difference in residence fees when you move to a more expensive accommodation. If you move to a less expensive accommodation, the adjustment will be credited to your residence account, effective the day of the move.
    6. By accepting the room transfer offer you agree to be bound by the terms of the contract governing your new accommodation.
    7. Transfers must be completed within the timeframe outlined in the room offer from Residence Services, or additional fees may be assessed.

    Completion of this process does not guarantee a room transfer. Factors such as room availability and student need will determine the result of a room transfer request. Residence Services reserves the right to approve or deny any room transfer at their discretion.

    Unauthorized Transfers

    Unauthorized room transfers may result in you being required to move back to your assigned accommodation and/or follow-up according to the Community Standards. You may be charged any additional charges such as extra cleaning or lock change charges.

    Meal Plans

    Please note: If you are offered a transfer from a dormitory room to a cluster room or an apartment, University Food Services will consider the transfer as a Meal Plan Cancellation. Please see the Residence Contract - Schedule D for more information.

    Questions regarding room transfers can be directed to resadmin@uvic.ca. Questions regarding meal plan cancellations should be directed to eat@uvic.ca.

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